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Touchless pay a glimpse of Gentex future

Its partnership with PayByCar to automate gas station payments is a taste of Gentex connected-vehicle products to come.

AVs could extend independence for older adults

Self-driving vehicles could unlock mobility options for older adults who no longer drive or preserve independence for those who still do. Millions await such a world.

Auto alliance flexes its lobbying muscles

Since late November, the alliance has vowed to work with President-elect Joe Biden on efforts to reduce vehicle emissions, released a playbook to guide federal policies on automated vehicles and challenged the revised "right to repair" law in Massachusetts.

Dealer anniversaries

Dealers featured this week include Julie Dunning, dealer principal of Dunning Toyota in Ann Arbor, Mich.; and Rose Winter, dealer principal of Winter Honda in Pittsburg, Calif., and Kevin Peters, vice president of Winter Auto.

VW ID4 offers EV shoppers a different kind of interior

The Volkswagen ID4 will begin arriving in U.S. showrooms in all 50 states in the first quarter of 2021, but customers may want to spend some time with its tech-rich interior to get familiar with its quirky controls.