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Hyundai wants to restart facility upgrades; dealers wary

Hyundai and Genesis say it's time to get back to their pandemic-delayed dealership upgrade programs. Some retailers think it's too soon.

Pacifica is freshened as 300 lingers for Chrysler

After adding the Voyager minivan to its small lineup last year, the brand is back with new technology and revamped styling for the Pacifica and a slimmer set of offerings for the aging 300.

F-150 EV will outwork the competition, Ford says

While Tesla, Nikola and other companies launching electric pickups aim for lifestyle buyers, Ford believes it can impress work users by promoting the battery-powered F-150 as a more capable, powerful and cost-effective variation on the nation's top seller.

Nissan bullish on EV cost parity, not solid-state batteries

R&D chief Kunio Nakaguro expects price parity with gasoline vehicles before 2030.

Automated truck company goes own way

Armed with major new partnerships, autonomous trucking company Ike will begin limited testing on public roads.