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Sonic ponders EchoPark future

The nation's seventh-largest new-vehicle retailer said it is calling for a "review of strategic alternatives" for EchoPark.

Hyundai's feat: Speedier battery charging

Hyundai Motor Group didn't cut any corners when it developed a new EV platform and charging system designed to beat all of its rivals.

Rogue, Outlander shine as alliance heroes

The Nissan Rogue and Mitsubishi Outlander rode to the rescue of the troubled Japanese automaking partners.

Magna finds faster way to electrify trucks

Magna International's approach to getting pickup trucks and light commercial vehicles electrified is to drop in axle replacements.

No time to spare on ID4, VW calls Dürr

VW's new EV production line in Zwickau faced a potential time-consuming process, but supplier Dürr devised a fix.

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