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New models offer peek into GM's electric future

The Hummer SUV and Chevy pickup are expected to be built starting in 2023 or 2024, but those schedules likely will be accelerated. 

Ford-Toyota dealer from Nigeria achieves sales dreams in Vermont

Years ago, a customer didn't want to buy a truck from Faith Mba because he's Black. A decade later, Mba bought the store.

MAKOTO UCHIDA: Nissan recovery plan hinges on U.S. market

The automaker's CEO discusses its recovery from the pandemic and plans for rebuilding the U.S. business while giving an update on strained relations with Renault and Mitsubishi.

Faurecia wants to be industry's hydrogen leader

Hydrogen will be the only real zero-emission solution for many vehicle segments in the years ahead, predicts Faurecia CEO Patrick Koller.

AV truck startup Gatik loads up on groceries

The latest partnership gives Gatik another foothold amid increasing competition in the self-driving trucking realm.